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Traffic Fighters in Whitby at Your Defence

Know Your Rights

Many Canadians living in Whitby do not know that they can use the help of traffic fighters when it comes to traffic tickets and other motor vehicle infractions. It is important that drivers know what their law options are when faced with a traffic violation. Whether the offense is driving under the influence (DUI), failing to wear a seatbelt, running a red light, leaving the scene of an accident, or any number of other common moving violations, the best defence is to know your rights as a driver.
Fully licensed drivers who are faced with traffic tickets in Whitby need to know all of the different ways they can be protected under the law. Drivers may be unaware that they have a lawful case against the charges presented to them. Disputing the fines associated with traffic tickets and other moving violations in Whitby costs time and money. Those charged must take time out of their busy schedules to appear in court or spend large sums of money to hire a representative in their absence.

Careless Driving

Charges for careless driving, which include accidents dealing with another vehicle, incidents involving pedestrians, and endangering other motorists on the road, remain on a driver’s record for three years. When these charges appear on a driver’s abstract, insurance rates are bound to increase, which ends up costing drivers far more than the initial fine.
More serious charges carry with them more serious consequences. The penalty for first-offense Impaired Driving in Ontario’s Durham Municipality, including the Cities of Whitby and Markham, is a maximum $1,000 fine. Please note that Impaired Driving is the Canadian equivalent to the American charge of Driving Under the Influence. This includes driving under the influence of drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines, as well as alcohol. It should be noted that refusing to submit to a sobriety test carries the same charges as Impaired Driving, in addition to an immediate license suspension of up to 90 days. The driver’s car is also impounded and suspended for this period of time.

Help Is Available

Being charged with a traffic violation in Whitby should not rob you of your valuable time and money. Hiring a professional legal representative with a proven track record to handle your case will save you from the many headaches associated with the scheduling, paperwork, and red tape of the Ontario municipal and provincial courts. In addition, when faced with charges in the province of Quebec or state of New York in the United States, the large amount of paperwork and travel associated with fighting those charges is often difficult to understand and impossible to arrange.
Free consultation with experienced and honest lawyers in Whitby, Markham, Richmond Hill, and surrounding areas is available when faced with prosecution. With over 21 years of legal experience, the free quotes provided to thousands of satisfied Whitby clients have resulted in successful cases against the criminal code of Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, as well as across the border into the United States. At fair and low prices, with flexible payment plans (Visa, MasterCard, Interact and cash), drivers can rest assured with the knowledge that their cases will be handled with care by leading traffic fighters.  
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